About Me

Meet Me

Amaka Akinteye, mother of two, chartered accountant, Nigerian, swimmer, Music lover, lawn tennis player, idea generator , vision caster, Jesus lover.

I can produce an endless list of myself, although it is quite difficult to cast my personality in one scene, I will try. I am fun loving, energetic , playful choleric, more so my friends call me “The enjoyment minister”, although I am yet to be inaugurated.

I desire adventures, so imagine me doing the great things, this makes me dream of sky diving, mountain climbing, roads trips of hundreds of miles.

I love music, poetry and words, that explains why music is my secret therapy for downtime. I write poetry infused with spoken words, which I do effortlessly with the inspiration of the holy spirit, again my friends seeing this gift that I express have carved another name for me- “The word smith” or “ The prophetic poet”. I feel this title was conferred on me by God.

I love being active so I engage in exciting sporting activities – swimming, lawn tennis. Although I desire to add cycling to the basket.

I desire to make positive impact to humanity, bring hope to the hopeless, spread words of inspiration milked from my personal experience and the wisdom of God’s word, I will leave the world much better than I met it.

I am still a work tool in the hands of my creator, a work in progress, gold constantly visiting the gold smith, I will continue to learn from life and share my encounters hoping it lifts someone, puts a smile on a face, heals a heart and mends a soul- that is the fulfilment I desire to experience daily.