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Written by Amaka Akinteye One major sign of imposter syndrome that has ravaged the face of the world through social media is what I call the “identity confusion”. This can be likened to an identity crisis which is a psychological issue requiring some sort of treatment, which starts typically during adolescence. To deal with the […]

Exchange of value between employers and employees – A recruiter’s perspective.

In this article, I would draw up conclusions on the relationship that exists between employers and employees, like every other relationship. I take it as the type of relationship that exists between a buyer and a seller, a contractual relationship exists between both parties, whether written or implied. In this context, the sellers are the […]

People or Process: Who takes the Front Seat

In one of my research, I investigated the causes or sources of customer complaint, the major objective was to understand if customers complaint

Financial statement fraud: external auditors and audit committee, who should be blamed?

Who should be blamed or held responsible for the prevention and or detection of financial statement fraud? Introduction The value of an organisation is driven by its financial performance. Public organisations are keen on share price maximisation because shareholders’ wealth maximization is measured by dividend received and capital gains from shares appreciation. The demand and […]