Is it with work, then it must bring money Busy with friends, then our relationship must be valuable  Busy with the children, I must be a responsible parent Busy with my creator, I must be heeding the call to service Busy with relaxation, it is time to get rejuvenated Busy with others, I must be […]

Action Time

One has to take hasty decisions  This is an era of emergency  This is the regime of exigency As the foundation is yet falling apart Tangible decisions to alter the abstract  A shift from this present scene is vital The torture from fate and nature erupt Should they grip their molars on us? Can they make us […]

Speak Your Future Into Existence

Say it until it becomes real to you. Speak powerful words to your future Every morning when you rise, stand in front of the mirror and command your day. You cannot keep quiet; you cannot allow others speak words of failure, unbelief, and negativity into your life. What people say about you or to you […]

To Win You Must Run

Everyone wants to win but not everyone has the ability to win because forevery race a winner emerges. You cannot be a winner if you don’t run. To win you must be prepared, you must practice, and you must feel pain from failed efforts. To win in the race of life you must face battles, […]

Just Love

Just Love Love is a word that has been misused by so many in diverse ways, if not all. Love is one of a kind.It is a pure feeling of acceptance, an all or none. Love is not lust. God demonstrated love when He sent His only Son to die for mankind. He paid the […]