CRP Needed.

A feeble heart, a tender soul A little prick, a gentle nudge Unintentional crack by the unmannered Sending jitters to the arteries, adrenaline pumping Slight torture, a bleeding reaction A missed date, a flooded face A failed test, a swollen eye A job lost, a missing quest A betrayal, an attempt to hide A loss, […]


I am best at what I do today because yesterday I was patient with learning. I stood above mistakes and failures, not wallowing or drowning in them but I rose above them. I emerged tomorrow as fine gold smitten by the goldsmith of learning. I aspire to retire when I realise the realm of most […]


There are times in life when we sit back and watch the train of life depart with our loved ones. You know the train has an arrival time that brings you to share beautiful moments with others. Some cross our path briefly and we cherish those moments. We wish it could last forever when we […]

Being Me

I am made, formed to be myself, I was never made to be anyone else. He deliberately made me my present complexion, stature, beauty, …